Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sparklewren Boutique Opens

Emily Swift-Jones: Emily Swift-Jones: New commission

so after a 4 hour drive in a very cramped car with three large gilded panels and a couple of 2m long gilded mirrors  I arrived in Birmingham to deliver and hang my precious cargo. It couldn't have been more humid...just what you want when you are up a ladder trying to hang large, heavy and fragile things onto mystery substrates, but they are all still hanging solidly and beautifully so it's a win.
Jenni was really excited to finally meet the pieces I'd made for her. I sent regular photos to show their progress, but didn't send final shots because I didn't want to spoil the surprise.
As is so often the case it proved really hard to get good shots of them because of the lighting and reflections so I have my fingers crossed that the lovely photographer from the Birmingham Mail has worked some magic with his enormous camera.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Emily Swift-Jones: New commission

Emily Swift-Jones: New commission

Jennis' window is empty and awaiting displays. The ceiling and background will be painted a charcoal grey and we are painting a black border directly onto the big curved glass window. The materials are ordered.
This is the basic mock-up I created for approval from Jenni
3 large panels which can also be used as a room screen or display background and two slightly aged gold verre eglomise mirrors to reflect her gorgeous creations in the window.
It's so frustrating that the bank holiday means I won't have my basic materials until next week. i can't wait to start