Monday, 28 April 2014

Working in my new Art Cave

As of two weeks ago I finally have my own personal workspace and I LOVE IT!
Most of my materials and stuff have moved in. I've arranged and rearranged the shelves several times and now I'm getting on with work. I had to take time to label everything on the shelves because it was starting to look like a jumble sale and I found it unsettling! Maybe one day I'll build some rolling cupboards instead of open shelves so I can hide all of the stuff that I find hard to block out.
 Everything is on wheels to give me a versatile working space. This has already proved invaluable because the first commission to be completed is the largest single piece I can make in here...3000mm Wide x 2100mm High. It will have to go through the doors diagonally!!!

Some small details...
I notched every brush handle so i can get them off the rack easily. This is very handy, but if you are clumsy and drop them they can snap off at the end and your brush gets shorter and shorter.....better not be too clumsy

these shop racks are great for tools. It's a heck of a lot fuller now!

this is my mascot Chip. He is a bit of an enigma as he was a gift from my late beloved grandpa. A man who wasn't given to sentimentality or wasting money on fluffy toys, but he did have a warped sense of humour and liked to play with words so I can't help wondering if he was saying that I'm a chip off the same block.....I'll never know, but he watches over everything I get up to and points out when I'm being rash and not thinking things through!