Sunday, 3 February 2013

Patinated White gold

A detail showing the mink coloured basecoat and the patination on the leaf
I recently had an exciting meeting with a potential new client. Having looked through the work I was taking to show them I realised it was an opportunity to finally create a piece I had in mind for a commission several years ago. I ended up with 2 pieces...the 1st shows white gold chemically patinated and showing the base colour with one only slightly aged square of palladium leaf.

The 2nd piece is based on the growth of a kind of Lichen. I want to play with this again with a more flaky texture which is proud of the surface, but it's a good start and they really liked it at the client meeting.

James Bond Inspired Bedroom!

I've been a busy little bee of late. I recently completed an interior styling commission for a client who wanted their bedroom to have an elegant James Bond chic about it. We worked with the existing features such as the   very large wooden curtain pelmet which I covered in Silk, draped white voile panels behind and created feature lighting along it's length in warm white. The walls are painted in an ultra matt warm taupe. The main feature is the wall behind the bed. The finish for this was created last year during an experimental sample session using a perlescent paint which looks and feels like a soft silky fabric. The client is ecstatic and I am really happy with the results.