Monday, 21 March 2011

The Light Thiefs Daughter

A smaller geode than the last with a 15cm span. Gilded inside and out with 23 3/4 carat gold. The inside has real baroque pearl "stalagmites", matt black stone slick and pyrite formations. There are also weeny pyrite crystals in the fissures on the outside
I like the idea of leaving these geodes unfixed on the base so that the viewer can turn them however they fancy.

Nearly finished Baroque Corm II

I've been beavering away at a couple of things including one of the Cormel forms and have nearly finished. I just want to add a little patination to some of the silver gilded spheres. I can't decide whether to mount it on a black shiny plinth or one of the formed leather things I like making....which do you think?

Monday, 7 March 2011

New work on the go

Like so many peoples my home is ever in a state of evolvement or in other words covered in dust thanks to my latest building project.
The first thing I did when we moved into our present home was knock down the wall between the kitchen and dining room to give us a much bigger kitchen (I do love the cooking) and a dining space so that when we do have the luxury of guests for dinner I'm not stuck in another room for most of the night. Three years later and I've finally boxed in the support beam.
However, being me I can't just paint it - no, I have to come up with a textured finish to run up the wall and along the beam. Then I thought, well I can't just have that because it will look disjointed so I'm going to do a large piece for the chimney breast in the dining area to go with it.
I really fancied something in a rippled antique silver and spent hours on the net looking for inspiration. I came across some beautiful ceramic mosaic tiles with an antique silver texture. Naturally they are well expensive so I started playing with texture pastes and metal leaf to get the feel.
I'm thinking of a great sweeping fracture running through this texture with amethyst and pyrite crystals errupting out of the vein. Around 1.4 x 1.4 meters square

Friday, 4 March 2011

Finished Baroque cormel 1

Finally - the finished cormel.
I plumped for nickel/zinc wire used for electronics. It may be a little finer than I envisaged, but it crumpled into naturalistic tendrils really nicely.
Now I'm mulling over what kind of plinth to mount it on....maybe  20mm toughened glass.