Friday, 17 June 2011

An Unlikely Matrix

close-up of aged texture
 An Unlikely Matrix. Updated photos. It looks very pale here, but it is really an antique silver colour with lots of wavy and cracked texture covered in leaf and large clusters of amethysts growing from the fissure. approx 5ft x 2 1/2 ft.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

5 Days to go

Panic has properly set in now. I'm still making one piece and willing it to dry every time I walk passed it on the dining room table (it's damp and wet outside grrrr).....this is the piece that I'm going to use the silvery metallic waves that I showed in a previous post. I've already attached a wave of large amethyst crystals and started weaving the strata around them in waves. It's going to be quite a weighty one!
I've finished my latest geode. This one has chemical patination inside and some white gold. Quite the moody broody type.

There's the largest piece of textured glass to date and I'm waiting for the moon gold to arrive so that I can gild it on the reverse side. Pictures later this week! I'm thinking coffee table top...

I finally completed the onion shaped corm - it's sprouted some pearl stalagmites and pyrite boulders.

I got quite into the textures on oyster shells and came up with this.This is the first time I've used leather on a canvas - so far I've used it for sculpture stands.. There is a good sized pearl embedded in the palladium leaf yolk.
 I did a wee canvas based on some of my stone textures and given the antique leaf treatment.


And last, but hopefully not least is a heavily textured peice. Gilded, patinated and aged with black plaster in the crevices called "Not what, but where" which I've framed with oak.