Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Grand Designs 2013

The director of my new glass suppliers liked my most recent splashback so much that he commissioned me to do something on one of the kitchen displays he is exhibiting at the Grand Designs Live Show starting on Saturday 4th May in London. It was really short notice and the learning curve was furiously fast on this as I had to get the two pieces done in a much shorter amount of time than I'm usually happy with , but a challenge is hard to turn down!
I'm quite pleased with them despite the finickety problems which arise from trying to force materials to dry ahead of shedule etc. I inherited the shapes of the glass I was given to work on and worked up a design from there. I can't wait to see my work at the Grand Designs show for the first time! If you are going along my work is on the Southern Counties Glass stand
                   This is the countertop. The large squares you can see are a reflection from the ceiling!

 Unusual Flower shaped breakfast bar floats above the counter with transparent areas so that you can see the surface beneath.

Abstract Dandylion Splashback

I've been so busy. It's very exciting. I was contact by a lovely lady who had been trawling the internet for months trying to find inspiration for the large splashback in her beloved new kitchen. She initially contacted me thinking a commission would be out of her budget, but happily I came up with a design for her which we were both very excited about.
The finish involved a mix of white gold, palladium leaf, 22 carat gold, silver and various shades of grey all backed up with a minky perlescent.
I contacted a new glass company to template the work, delivery it to my workshop and do the final fitting. The whole process went like a dream and everybody involved is really happy with the results.