Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Emily Swift-Jones: Sparklewren Boutique Opens

I found this photograph on the internet on the Geishaface blog by a lady who came to the opening - resplendent in her kimono and corset. Which was quite a feet considering how humid it was that day!

 I designed the panels to be removable so that they could be easily transported and used as backdrops or as a screen. Jenni Sparklewren Hampshire has used them as a backdrop for several fabulous photoshoots of her exquisite work and as a bonus I get lovely pictures of my work illuminating hers!

My signature "mon"

these are my "mon" - signature tags which I apply to my larger work. The mon is a symbol used in Japan to represent a household in the same way as the coat of arms was used in europe.  I originally had them made for a guest wc I designed for my client using posished plaster (see the pictures below). I have 3 different designs which I use individually or in combination. I have a classic japanese chrysanthemum, an alchemists symbol which represents gold  and a design in which my namesake the swift flies through stylized waves representing my home by the sea.
Here they are gilded in 22 carat gold. The next process is to pick out the background in matt black.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Details of work in progress

Whilst I am waiting with baited breath to see the pictures taken by the professional photographer I thought I'd share some pics I took to show Jenni of Sparklewren how the panels were progressing.

at this point we decided to make the charcoal a fissure so I began to fill in the top left with textured gold. this also helped to make a more natural shape as I felt the slope was looking too even and unnatural.