Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Worthing Open House event is drawing closer
This year I'm opening our house as a venue during the Worthing Arts Festival. I have two good friends and award winning artists exhibiting along with my jam tart :- Award winning photographer Gary Eastwood who is working on new creations for the exhibition as I type AND  Richard Bett who will be showing his fabulous jewellery and supplying the garden sculpture.
I have commissioned Richard to make me many pieces of awesome jewellery over 20 years and will be exercising some restraint not to keep all of peices on show for myself!!!
This extravaganza will take place at my abode - 90 Marlowe Road, Worthing BN14 8EZ. Tel:0780 3002434
over the following weekends 18th & 19th  and 25th & 26th of June and the 2nd & 3rd July.
Do come along to view the work and share a cup of tea and slice of home-made cake. Please do a sun dance for us.

Little Urchin II

I have been beavering away getting the house and garden finished for the open house ( ) as well as making more things for the show AND working of course!

Here's a few pics of Little Urchin II which has a slightly different texture than the first - plus plump overspill bits around the pyrite.

I haven't waxed this one yet which means it doesn't have the depth of colour of the previous one, but it accentuates the texture because the tiny recesses which avoided my polishing tool have stayed matt. Don't know if I'll polish it at all.....maybe I will....maybe I won't.....I'm like that!